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No matter where you are on your financial journey, DeCesare Retirement Specialists can help you plan and prepare for the years ahead. Rely on us for a comprehensive wealth and retirement lifestyle plan that transitions you from work through life.

Retirement Planning

When planning for your transition from your working years to retirement, it’s important to create a comprehensive plan that helps you retire on time and stay retired. Your plan should incorporate strategies for repositioning your retirement assets to provide you with an income for the duration of your life. It should also incorporate asset protection and preservation strategies to minimize the impact of taxes, risk and inflation as you age. DeCesare Retirement Specialists can help you:

  • Map out a comprehensive retirement plan and test the viability by running simulations and probability analyses
  • Rollover retirement assets when transitioning to retirement
  • Establish an income plan that plans for a steady income for life

Investment Management

In today’s economic environment, conventional investment strategies no longer work when building wealth for the retirement years. It’s not only important that you invest according to your risk tolerance and timeline to retirement but in this global economy, you must work with a team that has access to the latest investment technologies and understands how to build wealth through risk-managed investment solutions that protect your investments from market downturns. DeCesare Retirement Specialists can help you:

  • Design a portfolio that is consistent with your financial goals, risk tolerance and timeline to retirement
  • Effectively manage your wealth for retirement by employing risk-managed tactical investment strategies based on algorithms, trend analyses and market research
  • Keep you informed via scheduled portfolio updates and notify you when portfolio changes are recommended

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan is like a puzzle, when put together correctly each piece of your financial life will be accounted for and in place so you maintain a big picture perspective. Your plan should be managed and updated so all components work collectively and the plan stays on track to accomplish your financial objectives. DeCesare Retirement Specialists can help you:

  • Establish a comprehensive financial plan
  • Recalibrate your plan based on market conditions and other economic changes
  • Review and adjust your plan based on your life events, and changes to your short-term and long-term financial goals

E-Bridge Connecting Your Financial Life

Keeping track of your financial account information can be a daunting task. E-Bridge is DeCesare Retirement Specialists’ interactive software solution that can help you connect your finances through one platform, giving you a complete view of your financial life. DeCesare Retirement Specialists and E-Bridge can help you:

  • Consolidate your financial accounts and documents in one secure location
  • Monitor and update your financial plan as life evolves
  • Establish a budget and track spending in real time

Insurance Planning

When planning for retirement, it’s important to plan for its rainy days too. Insurance coverage will help you to stay afloat in the event life hands you the unexpected. DeCesare Retirement Specialists can help you:

  • Protect your assets from the high costs of long-term care
  • Plan for the replacement of income in the event you become disabled
  • Provide for your loved ones in the event you are no longer able to

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a critical component to protecting and preserving your wealth over the years. By employing certain tax strategies today, you can structure your assets to so that your tax liabilities of tomorrow are minimized. DeCesare Retirement Specialists can work with your CPA or recommend one through its professional network to help you:

  • Structure your retirement assets in the most tax advantageous manner
  • Reduce capital gains taxes on your investments
  • Calculate and reduce taxes on your current or projected retirement income

Estate Planning

An estate plan works to shield assets from unnecessary taxes and fees and transfer those assets to your loved ones in the most tax-effective manner. To help ensure your final wishes are honored and that your beneficiaries receive what you intended, it’s important to create an estate plan. DeCesare Retirement Specialists can work with your estate planning attorney or recommend one through its professional network to help you:

  • Properly designate beneficiaries and structure assets to transition efficiently
  • Prevent probate and unnecessary legal fees
  • Maximize the value of an estate through insurance and tax reduction strategies

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