Our Philosophy

DeCesare Retirement Specialists is focused on delivering superior financial solutions to help individuals effectively transition from work through life. We are uniquely qualified to help you build wealth, create a plan and secure a steady income for the retirement years. Plan for your retirement with the guidance and expertise of DeCesare Retirement Specialists. Please take a moment to learn more about how our business philosophy benefits you.



icon_specializedWe are specialists in all things retirement planning.

We specialize in comprehensive wealth and retirement planning strategies. We can help you accumulate wealth for retirement, and plan for and effectively transition into the golden years. We are credentialed and uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive counsel on all of the financial, insurance and estate planning components necessary to implement a solid plan for your retirement.


Lead Advisor

icon_leadadvisorWe work as your liaison when implementing a comprehensive retirement plan.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified planners that can help construct, delegate and oversee the many intricacies of mapping a comprehensive retirement plan. By working with our strategic partners (or with a requested complementary service provider), we can be certain that the necessary legal, tax and insurance components to your comprehensive retirement plan are implemented efficiently and collectively.



icon_systematicWe have the systems in place to help you succeed.

Our process for building wealth is thorough and systematic with an emphasis on managing risk. Unlike conventional financial advisory firms, we employ trend analyses, algorithms, and tactical investment and savings strategies that allow us to help you take advantage of rising markets and protect your capital during market downturns. Our account management activities are systematized to help ensure that your wealth is on track to reach your financial goals.



icon_comprehensiveWe provide full-service solutions for a well-rounded retirement.

As an independent service provider, we have access to a vast selection of products, investment solutions and strategies, enabling us to best meet your comprehensive, yet individualized financial needs. We utilize advanced investment technologies to identify algorithmic trends and run simulations to test the viability of your investment strategy and retirement plan. Our approach is multi-faceted and we work hard to account for every aspect of your financial life including working with highly qualified professionals to execute and manage each components of your financial plan.



icon_clientcentricEverything we do we do for you.

The goal of our firm is to cater wholly to the unique needs of our wealth management and retirement planning clientele. As fiduciary advisors, it is our regulatory responsibility to always advise in the best interest of our clients, and we put an emphasis on client education and regular communication. You will always know what your money is doing for you and why a strategy was recommended when working with DeCesare Retirement Specialists.