Corporate Solutions

DeCesare Retirement Specialists has dedicated its business to serving the distinctive financial needs of corporate retirees. Rely on us to help your organization facilitate the retirement planning process for your most valued assets, your employees, and help them transition their finances from work through life.


Corporate Retirees

We understand that as a corporation you are continually faced with decisions and execution of company benefits for your workforce. Our corporate solution services were designed to help amplify retirement benefits for employees and reduce the time and money associated with expediting financial benefits for employers.

DeCesare Retirement Specialists can help you by…

  • Offering one-on-one company sponsored retirement plan consultation to your employees, explaining the plan and investment decisions within the plan
  • Assisting with workforce transition / outplacement, helping employees with the critical financial decisions needed to help ensure a smooth progression of their financial life as they enter into their next place of employment or early retirement
  • Creating comprehensive and personalized financial plans for your employees, working to ensure that the retirement, investment, insurance, tax and estate needs are accounted for
  • Establishing a retirement transition plan for employees who are on the cusp of retirement and assist them with the financial decisions and actions that need to be made prior to retiring and thereafter

Let DeCesare Retirement Specialists help you and your corporate retirees, call 856.235.3830 or email for more information.


Speaking Engagements

Thank you for your interest in booking Steve DeCesare, CFP®, for your next event.

With more than a decade of public speaking experience, Steve can develop an engaging presentation for your organization, tailoring the financial topics and strategies to meet the needs of your audience.

Presentation topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Maximize Your Money – How to get the most out of your company’s retirement savings plan
  • Transitioning Your Finances With Your Career – What you need to know and the critical steps you must take to protect and cultivate your wealth while changing employment
  • Your Finances From Work Through Life – How to financially transition into retirement and make your life savings last

If you are seeking an educator for your organization’s conference, in-service training, workforce transition/outplacement process, please call 856.235.3830 or email for more information.